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Link to the original contest raffle by SayakoRush

Link to my current work in progress entry depicting Shay
Shay (Consest Raffle - WIP 1)
Today (on 2018-01-14), I started working on a drawing for the Cremisi contest raffle!

Currently, this fanart is still a work in progess version, but I will soon continue working on it and continue uploading my progress.

This contest raffle fanart depicts Shay, the protagonist of SayakoRush's Cremisi comic!
It depicts him in mid-battle, as he runs with his right hand clenched as a fist.

So far it is turning out quite well despite it being my very first drawing of the character. Laugh 
(all my experience at drawing manga/anime characters is showing!) :D (Big Grin)

This fanart of Shay was made by Semerone (aka ZTheGS).
I used a pencil to draw him.

Shay belongs to Sayako Rush.
Link to the original contest raffle by SayakoRush

Link to my current work in progress entry depicting Shay
At first, I only wanted to draw him as a portrait, but then I decided to gather my courage and keep on going.
I was really afraid of drawing the rest of his body, because I'm bad at drawing horse-like figures.  :sad:

But now, that I have drawn Georgie, I feel like I can finally keep on going and draw some of the Rejakas (from my own OC species and original series) in proper 2,5 D instead of being stuck, because I was too afraid to post my drawings of the Likimi character, who is a horse-like lizard creature. Nuu

If you are interested, you can find her as Lilian over at my old Spore account, which goes by the name of Semerone. She is called Lilian instead of Likimi, because once went and gave my Rejakas alternate names, so they could be pronounced easier by English speakers. Sweating a little...

Now I am featuring both of their names whenever I can or remember. Sweating a little...

You might see a few of my Rejakas documented in my journal and my gallery, but none of them have images, yet, because I wanted to feature my three main creatures before uploading anything else, but as I said, got stuck with Likimi. I think I've fainted. 

Anyways, this means, you might not only see my Kishin Douji Zenki/Shaman King cross-over soon, but also some of my Rejakas in the aforementioned 2,5 D style. :D (Big Grin) 

When I'm going to post them...?
Actually, I don't know, but they'll be there when they are ready and when I am ready. Sweating a little...

I am pretty occupied with my life outside DeviantArt and outside Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia right now, so things got a bit stuck.
This is really unfortunate, as I wanted to finish my cross-over fanart already, but never got to finish it, because I had no time whatsoever.

So, I hope, you not only enjoy my current fanart and my own creations, but also my fan fictions and my future works.

I also planned on continuing my "Visit from outer Space"-series, but I will probably continue writing it, while I'm in the middle of drawing the other art, I just mentioned, or afterwards. Laughing my ass off!

So, have fun and please stay healthy! Meow :3 
And have a nice day or good night! Hug 

Semerone (aka ZTheGS)


ZTheGS's Profile Picture
Semerone & Zenki
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi! :D

This the DeviantArt account of Semerone and Zenki.

Semerone is a hobby artist and the founder of Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia, an extensive wiki about the Kishin Douji Zenki series. Most of the art and texts on this account were either drawn, colored or written by her.

Some of these are even collab arts, that were made with other artists from DA and other sites or news posts about our most recent translations and events over at Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia. :meow:

Zenki, who is also known as Zenki7 in Wikia's circles, is Semerone's roommate, who was given permission to also use this account since August 24, 2017. When Semerone caught the flu, Zenki wrote the post "Semerone is sick" and she gave him the permission to substitute for her on this account.

Zenki: "If you mainly see these little fellas () and funny writing in a ZTheGS comment, then it's me commenting!"

Right now, Semerone and Zenki are doing fine and can mainly be found working over at Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia, where they are mainly being assisted by Gokimaru and AzureKnight2008, but also FreddyOfAxes and Kirbyfan103 are occassionally helping out by cheering up the team or adding new content related to Kishin Douji Zenki FX - Vajura Fight. While we are pretty occupied, you might see us floating around on DeviantArt every once in awhile.

Feel free to contact us. We don't bite.
Well... That's at least not unless you give us a reason to bite back. :meow:

The current avatar of this account is a screenshot from Episode 25 of the Kishin Douji Zenki anime, which shows Demon God Zenki with a look of despair in his eyes. Semerone chose this image, because she thought, that Zenki looks cute in this scene. This screenshot was first posted on Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia, but all credit for the original artwork goes to Kikuhide Tani and Yoshihiro Kuroiwa, the creators of the Kishin Douji Zenki series.

The username ZTheGS originated from "Zenki the Guardian Spirit",
which is a reference to Semerone's favorite, vermilion demon god... the great Zenki-Sama.
Semerone: "Isn't he just adorable, when he's facepalming like that?"

You can find Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia, a wiki made by fans for fans by clicking this link:


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